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With our Realtor® V.I.P. program, you'll have the first opportunity to offer our new homes to your buyers. We'll keep you updated on special events and information on upcoming new home communities through our V.I.P. Newsletter. In addition, we offer our Realtors year-end incentives for home closings. Register today, and stay ahead of your competition!

Read our Top 10 Reasons why you should bring your clients to Caviness & Cates Communities.

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By signing up for the Caviness & Cates Realtor V.I.P. program, you will periodically receive e-mail newsletters that feature updates, information on current incentives and other company news items.

10 Reasons Realtors should use us!

1. You'll sleep easer at night, knowing we're taking care of your clients.

We know how important happy clients are to your future success. Happy clients lead to more referrals -- both for you and for us. That's why we spell out the entire construction process from the beginning.

2. We pay you a competitive commission

We offer the selling agent a competitive commission for selling our homes.

3. It's easy to sell value

Our standard features and benefits look like most builders option list. That means no hidden costs, happier clients and easier sales.

4. We let you get on with your business

For today's active families, time is at a premium. Most real estate professionals have even more demands on their time. We take care of the building process so you can concentrate on building your referral base.

5. We give your client more choices

We have enough standard plans and layouts to give your clients the chance to create a unique home that will meet their needs. With 18 communities to choose from, your buyer will find their Place To Call Home.

6. We care about quality

We're experienced enough to do the job right and dedicated enough to care. You don't have to worry about fly-by-night construction practices or shaky business longevity.

7. Our service keeps our customers happy after the sale

1-year - Equipment of the home will be free from defects in material and workmanship;
2-year - Limited Mechanical Warranty covering Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC systems;
10-year - Major Structural Warranty.

8. We've got the winning team

Our trade partners and suppliers are selected based on their reliability and attention to quality. That means a smoother construction process, meeting closing dates, less callbacks and warranty problems.

9. We respect your relationship with the buyer

Once you register your client with us, we protect your commission. You don't have to constantly check back to make sure that the transaction and the building process are going smoothly.


Realtors are our partners in providing for the housing needs of our buyers. When we pay you a commission we both win.