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Building New Homes in Vass, NC

At Caviness & Cates, we handpick the cities and communities where we build. We offer new home construction in several communities in the greater Vass area. Whether your new home search takes you to the outskirts or within the Vass city center, Caviness and Cates home builders have a community to fit your needs.

Our new homes for sale in Vass are built with the quality and craftsmanship you've come to expect in a Caviness & Cates home. Protected by Exclusive 1-2-10 Year Warranty and built to enhance Energy Efficiency and comfort, our Vass new homes are designed to give you the most value for your investment. Don't take our word for it - We invite you to take a video tour or visit our gallery of photos.

Caviness & Cates offers new home construction within several beautiful communities in Vass, NC. Camellia Crossing numerous cul-de-sacs will create individual neighborhoods within the subdivision, and a centrally located pool and pool house will provide an additional private amenity for all to enjoy. These homes start at $255,000 with square ft. from 2,300 to 2,700.

Vass, NC

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Located just north of Fayetteville Vass, NC and is a small community of under 1,000 people. While its population may be small it feels large because you’ll get to know everyone that your reside with. This town is rich with history and has kept its classic look throughout the years, you’ll know what I mean when you take a stroll downtown. Vass is a place where families have lived for generations and is full of family owned business, you’ll become part of the Vass family fast when you move in. 

Having Fun in Vass

Vass itself is a small town with local restaurants, shops, and pubs to keep you entertained; if you go to these places often you’ll quickly be known on a first name basis. Being near Fayetteville gives people many things to do while having a “home-base” in the town of Vass. Just a short drive away you can find yourself enjoying Fayetteville's nightlife, art studios, musicians, theaters, and unique shopping.