Caviness & Cates 8 Interior Decorating Tips to Follow

8 Interior Decorating Tips to Follow

July 05, 2021
No matter what style speaks to you - whether you’re a minimalist at heart or love rustic themes -
some design tips always apply. Here are some timeless home decorating tips you should
always follow, no matter how you choose to decorate your home.

1. Make Your Bedroom Your Favorite Room in the House
Your bedroom should be a calming, relaxing sanctuary. It should be a room you can escape to,
a place you enjoy being in. Splurging here is fine, as long as you do it carefully. Spend the extra
money on high-end bedding and pillows - you can reuse them for years, and falling asleep each
night will be a luxurious experience.
To elevate the room’s design, choose a solid-color duvet or comforter and pair it with matching
pillowcases, adding in a decorative pillow or two. The combination of color and pattern will make
for a magazine-perfect look.

The master suite in our Royal Oak Townhome model. we used a statement pattern for the comforter and pillowcases with a burnt orange accent throw. Interested in seeing more of this home? CLICK HERE!

2. Expand Your Home with Mirrors
Mirrors immediately brighten and expand any room, no matter how cramped. Place mirrors on
walls opposing windows or other light sources to double this effect. Windows can double the
visual square footage of a room.
Artfully place mirrors on your walls in a series or on their own to amplify any room.

These beautiful mirrors add so much depth and style to our Granville model home in Brookwood! Click here to see more of the Granville home plan!

3. Let There Be Light (and Lots of It!)
Lights can do wonders to a home. For instance, you can immediately set a mood with lights on
dimmers. Different lights, like overhead lights or table lamps, add a lot of style and interest to
the room. Experiment with different shapes and sizes to figure out what works best - and don’t
be shy. Combine various light sources in a room and see what happens!

4. Bring Style to Every Room, Even the Bathroom
It may not be as glamorous as your bedroom or living room, but a neglected bathroom is a sad
sight. Elevate the humble bathroom by using beautifully folded towels, tasteful art, chunky bars
of soap, and a few decorative items. Consider lighting here too - you don’t want harsh or over-
bright light here.

Here, we have the garden tub with transom window located in our Brookwood model home! 

5. Try to Keep Your Home Clutter-Free
Here’s a truly timeless design tip. Clutter in your home can add stress to your life. Try not to
clutter the surfaces in your home. Of course, we all know that dining room tables should be for
eating, not for piles of paperwork or books. Apply the same idea to other surfaces of your home.

Don’t clutter your shelves with knick-knacks or misplaced items. Stick to a few statement pieces
and try not to overstuff your shelves or open spaces. Keep things clean and minimal.

The built-in shelves in this Liberty Home Plan are perfect for showcasing art, family photos, or your favorite books! See more of our Liberty home plan by clicking here!

6. Your Couch Doesn’t Have to be a Wallflower
Here’s a tip most people do not think about. We tend to push furniture up against the wall to
create more space in a room, but that can sometimes feel strange. We want to encourage
comfort and conversation, not keep everyone with their backs to a wall.
Consider instead orienting furniture around a central point in the room. For example, around a
fireplace, underneath a ceiling fan, or in a particularly sunny corner. Ideally, don’t orient your
entire room around an entertainment system.
You’ll find this cozy arrangement is much better for inviting people into your home and enjoying
time together.

In this Benton home plan, we were able to create the perfect social space! There is a clear division of space, but the open concept allows for anyone in either the kitchen or great room to be engaged with one another. Click here to see more of our Benton home plan!

7. Natural Lighting is the Best Design Element
There is nothing better than letting beautiful, natural light pour into your rooms. Make sure you
are capturing every bit of the natural sunlight your home receives, especially if you’re facing
north or south.
Swap out dark or thick window coverings for lighter ones - both in color and weight. Thinner
fabric will help the room feel lighter, even when the sunshine outside is dim.

Our Carolina rooms are great places to work with the natural light! In this Granville Carolina room, we have simply used blinds to let in as much light as possible while keeping a very simple, natural design. Click the floorplan name to explore some of our other homes that include a Carolina Room:

8. Use color!
Accent walls, decorative pillows, statement pieces. Try not to design a room with one single
color or pattern. Mix and match complementary colors or patterns to avoid building a dull room.
This design mix keeps your room exciting and visually appealing. You can use this as an
opportunity to show off a particularly unique piece of furniture in your home or even a favorite art

This Drayton home plan great room incorporates very calm blues and greys with a darker, unsaturated brown. We incorporated the color through the artwork, decorative pillows, and throw blankets. See more of our Drayton home plan by clicking here

Keep these basic tips in mind when designing #YourPlaceToCallHome, and you’ll be sure to love
every space in it. Remember to maximize natural light, don’t go crazy with the statement pieces,
and take advantage of design tricks to expand your home's many areas.