Modern Living

Multi-Generational Modern Living

Caviness & Cates homes are built with all of the modern touches you need, along with room for the whole family.

The modern home advantage.

The modern home advantage.

When you purchase a modern home, you're free to move in and start living the life you want. Caviness & Cates modern homes offer high ceilings, more closet space, and larger bathrooms. Entertain guests your way with an open floor plan and outdoor living areas. Spend your money on all the experiences and things you want rather than repairs and updates that often come with a used home.

A new kind of home for a new kind of living.

More multigenerational families are living together under one roof. Bringing children, parents, grandparents and other extended family together in a single household is a rapidly growing trend that offers many advantages... but most homes aren't designed to support multigenerational living - that is, until now.

A new kind of home for a new kind of living.

Modern Home Advantage

Need more convincing a modern home is right for you?

Health & Safety
Living & Community
Efficiency & Savings
Health & Safety

Health & Safety Advantage

ECO friendly carpeting

Comfort and Indoor Air Quality

Electric garage door openers with infrared beams that stop if a tricycle or child is too near

Green Building Practices

Security System options

Living & Community

Living & Community Advantage

Open floor plans with large kitchens, more storage space and better layouts

Built-in media options

Beautifully designed exteriors for curb appeal

No projects or renovation required

Personalization with a clean slate

Low maintenance

Peace of mind with 1 - 2 - 10 year warranty

Communities with amenities

USB outlets for today's devices

Caviness & Cates Efficiency & Savings

Efficiency & Savings Advantage

Energy Efficient CFL Lighting

Energy Efficient Appliances

Tightly Sealed Exterior & Effective Insulation

Programmable thermostat

Efficient Duct & HVAC Systems

Energy efficient windows

New housewrap materials expel moisture and reduce risk of mold and structure damage.

Low "E" Windows

Independent HERS review

PEX plumbing

Water Sense faucets and showerheads

Special Spaces For Everyone

Specially Designs Floorplans With space for the whole family.

Special spaces within the home provide a harmonious balance between shared family time and the privacy that every individual needs and deserves.

Caviness & Cates Special Spaces For Everyone

Our Genliving Floor Plans.

Modern home plans for multigenerational living