Home Winterization Tips

October 17, 2013

Winterize your HomeWe receive feedback from our homeowners seasonally and would like to help you avoid our most frequent winter related warranty calls. Below are several tips for winterizing your home.

1 – The Irrigation System

Most of our winter-related warranty calls come from irrigation systems that have not been properly winterized. Winterizing your irrigation system before freezing temperatures will reduce the chances of water freezing inside the lines or valves, reducing leaks or costly damage.

2 – Seasonal Expansion/ Contraction

As homes settle and expand/contract seasonally, weather-stripping and thresh holds at all doors should be inspected, adjusted or replaced as needed, to help prevent air or water leaks.

3 – Annual HVAC Maintenance

It is recommended to have annual maintenance performed on the HVAC system. Examine your HVAC unit, change your filter, update the thermostat and clean your heating ducts.

4 – Indoor Tips

Ceiling fans should be reversed in direction from the summer operation to push warm air downward and help circulate it through the home, adding to comfort. Blades should turn clockwise when looking up from the bottom. Attic fan vents are used to pull cool air in during the summer months. Covering these vents in the winter will help save energy and prevent ice dams.

 5 – Outdoor Tips

Gutters and downspouts should be thoroughly cleaned. According to the Insurance Information Institute, ice, snow and wind can have destructive consequences to gutters not equipped to handle the seasonal conditions. It is recommended to clean your gutters during the fall so melting snow and ice can flow freely. Cover any open areas to crawl spaces

 6 – Tips for Going Out of Town

Winter travel is inevitable with the holidays. When leaving the home for an extended trip, all water should be shut off at the main shut off valve in the home, and all indoor pipes should be drained. The HVAC systems should remain on to help prevent pipes from freezing.

If you should have any problems this winter the Caviness and Cates Warranty Team is available to assist.  Learn more about your Warranty. To speak with someone contact our Warranty Department at 910.778.7908.

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