Caviness & Cates Adding Drama to Your Home's Exterior Design

Adding Drama to Your Home's Exterior Design

November 27, 2023

Your home's exterior is the first thing that people see when they approach your property. It's a canvas that allows you to express your personality and make a lasting impression on any visitor or passersby. One way to achieve a striking and eye-catching exterior is by incorporating pops of color in a color-blocking method. This design technique uses bold accents strategically paired with a neutral base to create drama and visual interest. We will explore two captivating pairings to elevate your home's look using white siding, Natural Slate or Rock Harbor B&B/shake accents, and carefully selected Sherwin Williams colors.


Natural Slate Accents and Sherwin Williams' Poinsettia Front Door

White siding is a timeless and versatile choice for the main body of your home's exterior. Its clean and crisp appearance serves as an excellent backdrop for a striking accent color. When paired with Natural Slate as your B&B/Shake accent color, the exterior gains depth and character. Natural slate's earthy tones provide a beautiful contrast to the white siding, giving your home a sense of inviting charm.

Now, let's turn our attention to the front door, the focal point of any home's exterior. Sherwin Williams' Poinsettia SW6594 paint color is a vibrant and bold red with a touch of warmth. This vivid red hue injects energy and personality, making the front door a standout feature. It creates a sense of excitement and welcomes guests with a friendly and inviting vibe. The combination of white vinyl siding, Natural Slate accents, and the striking Poinsettia front door adds drama and curb appeal that will leave a lasting impression on anyone who visits your home.


Rock Harbor/Newport Bay Accents and Sherwin Williams' Pineapple Cream Front Door

For a different take on color blocking, consider using white siding paired with either Rock Harbor or Newport Bay as your B&B/shake accents. Both colors offer a sophisticated and timeless look, perfect for adding depth and texture to your home's facade. Whether you choose Rock Harbor's cool and rich navy or Newport Bay's deep and elegant blue, the combination with white siding creates a balanced and visually pleasing exterior.

Now, let's accentuate the entryway with a bright and cheerful color. Sherwin Williams' Pineapple Cream SW1668 paint for the front door adds a touch of playfulness and optimism. This soft and sunny yellow complements the neutral siding and accent colors beautifully. The Pineapple Cream front door creates a charming focal point and infuses the exterior with a sense of warmth and welcome. It's an ideal choice for those seeking a home that stands out with a touch of cheerfulness.


Color Blocking Tips for a Harmonious Exterior

  • Choose the Right Accent Colors: When selecting accent colors, consider hues that complement the main siding color and each other. Earthy tones, like Natural Slate or Rock Harbor, tend to pair well with a wide range of siding colors.
  • Test Swatches Before Committing: Before applying any paint, test swatches of the accent and front door colors on a small area of your home's exterior to see how they interact with the natural lighting and other elements.
  • Focus on Balance: Aim for a balanced distribution of colors throughout the exterior. Consider the proportions of the body siding, accents, and the front door to achieve a harmonious look.
  • Coordinate with the Surroundings: Consider the landscape, neighboring houses, and the overall style of your community when choosing colors. Your home should stand out, but also blend in with its surroundings.

Adding drama to your home's exterior with pops of color using the color-blocking method can transform your property from ordinary to extraordinary. The combinations of white siding with Natural Slate or Rock Harbor accents and Sherwin Williams' Poinsettia or Pineapple Cream front door colors create a captivating and visually appealing look. Embrace your creativity, and with these pairings, you'll have a stunning exterior that makes a lasting impression and leaves your guests in awe.

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