Caviness & Cates Caviness & Cates Sales Process Updates

Caviness & Cates Sales Process Updates

September 21, 2021

It is of the utmost importance to us that we provide clear and honest updates to you regarding changes in the building industry and our response to them. New home construction has been tremendously impacted by material shortages and while we at Caviness & Cates and Cates Building feel this in many ways, our biggest concern is the impact it has on you.

The construction industry is experiencing significant delays in the supply chain including, but not limited to, windows, doors, cabinets, piping, lumber, paint, and roof trusses. In addition, each municipality has its own constraints on permits and inspections which we have no control over. Please understand, we are unable to give exact home release dates because of the vulnerability of the supply chain. We will do everything we can to update you on delays of building in our communities, keeping in mind that your update may be that we don’t know when a product or service will be available or delivered.

We are moving to an inventory-only sales model. What does this mean?

Because of the number of unknowns, we will not currently be offering lot holds or pre-sales of any kind. This means we have a higher chance of verifying material orders and more accurate start dates and move-in time frames. This also means less time waiting for your home and a better, more transparent experience.

How does this look?

The builder will choose the home plan that will be built on each specific homesite. We will not release a home for sale until it has hit a pre-determined stage of construction (which may differ by community). The Priority Information List for each community will receive updates on available homesites and home plans as they become available. A list of selections available for each home will be determined at time of purchase and any of those remaining selections can be chosen in our design studio. Closing dates cannot be estimated until after drywall.

What is the Priority Information List?

Anyone who is interested in new homes coming soon in a certain community can register or ask to be added to the list. These groups are notified of any community updates, available homesites, home plans, pricing, and grand release events.

Depending on the community, homes will be released for sale in one of two ways. Details may vary by community.

1)     In some communities, Homes will be listed upon notice to the list and to the public and we will entertain all offers as they are presented.

2)     The second way is by holding a grand release event, where homes are for sale by appointment only in the first 2 days. Each person has the opportunity to write their contract at their appointment and reserve their new home at this style of event on a first-come, first-served basis. You must be pre-qualified and provide a building deposit in order to go under contract. The Priority Information List has the first opportunity to reserve these appointments.

Are we still open for appointments?

Yes. We are still accepting appointments for both informational purposes (getting to know the builder and community) and on specific homes as they become available. Open hours may be limited, so please reach out to our New Home Specialist for availability.

We know you may have questions… and we understand. Please feel free to contact your Caviness & Cates or Cates Building representative directly with your concerns and/or questions.