8 Home Decorating Tips You Should Always Follow

No matter what style speaks to you – whether you’re a minimalist at heart or love rustic themes – some design tips always apply. Here are some timeless home decorating tips you should always follow, no matter how you choose to decorate your home. Make Your Bedroom Your Favorite Room in the House Your bedroom should be a calming, relaxing sanctuary. It should be a room you can escape to, a place you enjoy being in. Splurging here is fine, as long as you do... Continue reading →

New Home All American Celebration

On July 4th our New Home All American Celebration kicked off, it’s a summer incentive promoting a variety of buyer incentives across a few floor plans. You’ll find offers like included fenced yards or $5K towards upgrades among the possible incentives we’re offering! We’re offering these incentives in the following cities: Fayetteville, NC Raleigh, NC Greenville, NC Wilmington, NC Myrtle Beach, SC Jacksonville, NC Southern Pines, NC If you’re already looking to buy a home in one of the cities above then utilize our New... Continue reading →

Communities with Pools

It’s the summertime and if you haven’t found yourself by the pool then you’re missing out! Being by the water is the perfect way to spend a summer afternoon but sometimes it can be cumbersome to travel to one. If you’ve got a family, friends, or even if you’re going by yourself it’s a pain to pack for the day & organize your trip. So avoid the hassle by moving to a community that has a pool! Caviness and Cates builds in communities across North... Continue reading →

Hudson Featured Floor Plan | Floor Plan Friday

The Hudson Floor Plan has one of Caviness and Cates most coastal homes. With the coastal design, optional sun porch, and cathedral ceiling, it’s our beachiest home plan yet! This home plan is 1,986 sq. ft., has 3 bedrooms, a complimentary 2 baths. It is a one story home, has a large, open kitchen, and the master bathroom has a his/hers vanity sink. People often comment on the coastal design that’s apparent in the exterior and interior of the home. This home plan also comes... Continue reading →

How to Keep Your Carpets Looking Like New When Life Happens.

Sure, your brand-new carpets look fantastic when you move into your new home! But, how do you keep them that way when you really live in your new home. Even if your carpet looks clean from across the room, think about everything that might eventually be lurking underneath. The mud your kids tracked in from the backyard this weekend. The glass of wine your aunt spilled last Thanksgiving. Not to mention whatever’s on the bottom of your pet’s feet! If you have kids or pets... Continue reading →

Community Heros Offer

Our service members of the community can’t be thanked enough for the good work they’ve done and continue to do. Caviness and Cates respects the men and women who serve in their local communities. Whether you’re military personnel, a school teacher, a first responder, or a health care professional, we want to show our appreciation. To show that, if you’ve got one of the jobs below you qualify to receive $1,000 towards design center upgrades. Jobs that are eligible to receive Active & Retired Military... Continue reading →

Caviness & Cates Ranked In Builder’s Top 100 List

Builder magazine ranked the top 100 home builders across the United States, organized by most home closings. Caviness and Cates is thrilled that we were named on the list for the eleventh year in a row! Out of 100 distinguished builders we were placed 83, same as last year, when compared with all other builders throughout the country. We were first placed on the list back in 2009 and our rankings have been climbing ever since. Customer satisfaction and providing homeowners with the very best... Continue reading →

Heritage Featured Floor Plan | Floor Plan Friday

The Heritage Floor Plan has one of Caviness and Cates most customizable exteriors. With 4 different elevations you have plenty of options to match the home style that you’re looking for. This home plan is 2,096 sq. ft., has 4 bedrooms, a complimentary 3 baths, and it comes with a 2 car garage but has the option to add another, to total 3 cars. People often comment on the traditional brick exterior that covers the front of the home. This home plan also comes in... Continue reading →

What’s Your Home Aesthetic? 5 Hot Design Styles to Consider

Let’s be real. We all watch HGTV and start judging our own homes with the beautiful styles we see on TV. Maybe we don’t always agree with their choices (carpet in a kitchen??), but we all wish our homes could look so put together. Bringing your home to HGTV level isn’t impossible. In fact, it’s easier than you think, especially if you’re starting in a new home. The trick is figuring out your home aesthetic – what style resonates most with you and your family?... Continue reading →

The Homeowner’s Starter Guide to Creating a Perfect Owner’s Bedroom

Let’s talk about your master bedroom. Here’s where you can bring your comfort dreams to life: the fluffiest pillows, the softest sheets, the most soothing wall colors. But putting that room together without a list can lead to a lot of trips back to Bed, Bath & Beyond after forgetting pillowcases or light bulbs for your bedside lamps. That’s why we’ve put together a basic checklist of what you’ll need to complete your perfect master bedroom. Start The List Lying Down They say you spend... Continue reading →